Want to relax or got skin worries? Then you are in the right place. Facial treatments hold a number of benefits ranging from targeting skin problems to a bit of time to unwind. We only work with and use the best brands (such as Dermalogica) and we have different ranges to cater to all different skin types and all different age ranges so we can create the perfect treatment for you. If you are looking for a regular skin care routine chat to our therapists Lindsey and Clarrie and see what skincare products they can recommend for you.

Dermalogica Skin Solver

A quick, 10 minute facial using our amazing range of Dermalogica products, perfect for anyone with skin worries wanting a quick fix.

10 minutes - £10.00

Dermalogica Pro 30

The pro skin solver facial is perfect any skin type and can be for someone with skin woes or someone who just wants a good pampering. Clarrie is trained in all Dermalogica facials can advice a skincare plan to follow at home.

30 minutes - £30.00

Dermalogica Pro 60

This is an ultimately relaxing facial using our full Dermalogica range of products, this service provides an hour of bliss and caters to all skincare needs and all different skin types. Clarrie out Dermalogica specialist cal also advice a range of products to use at home.

1 hour - £45.00

Skin Brightening Facial

30 minutes - £20.00

Aromatic Balancer

1 hour - £35.00

Ultimate Relaxing Facial

1 hour, 20 minutes - £45.00